Matthew May

I believe that the process of therapy should be elaborated in a spirit of collaboration, where the importance of empathy, patience and support are key factors in the therapuetic relationship. A space where the client feels comfortable in sharing details of their life in an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

I provide individual therapy and work with a jungian orientated integrative approach using dream analysis as a fundamental tool to help make sense of unconscious conflicts, such as repressed emotions, compensatory factors, constellated complexes, as well as to elaborate the client's creativity.  

I also use dynamic Interpersonal, relational and mentalization strategies, when a client has difficulties connecting with their unconscious, to explore their personal relationships and interactions with others. This could also include analyzing defence mechanisms and character traits which may correspond to earlier lived experiences.

If you are interested in receiving therapy please contact me and we can arrange a friendly online chat, in which we can discuss the reason why you want to enter into therapy and evaluate your needs to see whether we can form a comfortable working relationship together. 

I am originally from Swindon in the United Kingdom, but I now reside in Valencia, Spain. Nevertheless, I am currently predominantly working online.

The sessions can be in English or Spanish.



  • Bachelor of Science (2.1) in Psychology from the Open University in the United Kingdom.

  • Psychotherapist accredited by the PDD International Society.

  • Specialist in Dynamic Psychotherapy Oriented by Dimensions from the PDD Institute. 

  • Diploma in Psychotherapy from the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis at the Ateneo de Madrid in Spain. 

  • Technical training in Dynamic Psychology accredited by IVaPPA (The Valencian Institute of Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy) in Spain. 

  • 300 hours of personal analysis and 200 hours of supervision with Dr. Javier Castillo Colomer.

  • Currently in analysis with Regina Abt-Baechi, member of the Research and Training Center for Depth psychology according to C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz in Zurich.



  • Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (Membership number 502637).

  • President of the PDD International Society.

  • Member of the C.G. Jung Club London

  • Member of the Association of European Psychoanalysts (APE).